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Introduction / Intention

WYSIWYG editing

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  • standard editing commands (cut, copy, paste, undo, redo, select all)
  • advanced search functions (search, search again, replace, replace all, ..)

  • alignment (left, center, right)
  • heading (h1..h6)
  • lists (unordered, ordered)
  • preformatted (<pre>)
  • divisions (<div>)
  • clear format (remove format tags around selected text)
  • text-appearance (bold, italic, underline, big, small)
  • applying predefined CSS-styles by one click
  • dialog-based insert-actions:
    • anchors (<a href=..>)
    • tables (with direct insertion of attributes)
    • proprietary links* for crossreferences
    • proprietary embedding-tags* for images / other media
The Applet

Sitemap-dialog One-click-crossreferences!

For embedding 'known' links a dialog is presented, from which the user can choose a link / website in order to embed it as cross-reference. 'Known' means in this case that while loading the applet XML-data is parsed and transformed into a tree-structure which is shown for the user's choice. This is particularly effective when passing a website-structure (like a sitemap) as input data.

Embedding of images by the usage of a image-browser which shows a number of thumbnails for the user to choose from. Simultaneously it is possible to define attributes for the image to be embedded, take a look at a preview and choosing images specifically from a certain point in a folder-structure. This is accomplished by loading a XML-structure at the first invocation of the image-browser. From this data the source-URL of the image, the source-URL of the corresponding thumbnail and the folder-structure are read and used. In case there is no thumbnail for a certain image the image-browser is able to scale it down to a presentable size.
The embedding of images is presently implemented with self-defined tags and not the HTML-<img>-tag. See * for details.

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* = proprietary links and embedding-tags (for images and other media) are defined in the sourcecode of this applet. To adjust them it is necessary to edit the classes ImportFilter / ExportFilter since they are responsible for translating them into HTML-anchor-tags so that the used text component (JTextPane) can show them as links /images.